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Swimmer Nutrition

Swimmer Nutrition Checklist

Want to win that race, beat that record, smoke the competing team? Here, our coaches give you the recipe for success!

Before the Meet

  • Drink plenty of water—halve your weight in pounds, and drink that many ounces water daily
  • Friday night eat a balanced meal.  Include basic carbohydrates (whole grain pasta, potatoes, rice, or vegetables), low-fat protein (such as skinless white meat chicken, turkey or other lean meat) and about 1 T “good” fat like olive oil, avocado, or nuts.

Saturday Meet

Saturday Morning

  • No new foods—stick to the tried and true
  • Eat a moderate amount of carbohydrates for breakfast: a piece of toast, half a bagel or English muffin, a banana, ½ cup strawberries, or cereal with just a small amount of milk. An egg for protein can be a good idea, but no bacon or sausage (nothing too greasy or heavy). 
  • Drink water in the morning before arriving at the meet.

What to Bring to the Meet:

  • Water or water mixed 50/50 with a sport drink - 1 litre per person
  • Fruit (apples, bananas, raisins, pears)
  • Sandwich (like peanut butter and jelly) or pre-cooked pasta or green salad (don’t bring foods that may spoil in the heat)

At the Meet

  • Within 15 minutes of finishing warm-ups and after each event (just after you talk to the coaches) sip your water or water/sport drink to stay hydrated, then rest.  Eat a small amount of food after warm-up and after every couple of events to keep your energy up but never feel heavy.  Avoid grazing after every event.
  • Eat a light lunch: salad, sandwiches, cooked rice or pasta. Drink fluids with it!
  • Drink, drink, drink on hot days, and try to stay out of the sun. 
  • Wear shoes and try to sit down between events—save your legs!
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