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Duties of the Officers

President: The President shall have general management and control of the business of the Board and shall perform such duties as ordinarily pertain to that office in overseeing the operation and activities of the team. He/she shall preside at all meetings, workshops, activities, etc. of the Board. The president shall be responsible for handling grievances from team parents and shall be the primary contact to the team. Shall vote only in case of a tie.

Shall be responsible for each meeting agenda. President "in season" directly oversees: Coaches, leaders in training. During the meet, the President oversees: Concessions and Coaches* Recommended: As long as Stingray meets continue to be held at the Longwood neighborhood pool, it is recommended that the President or Vice President be a Longwood resident in order to have input and communication with the HOA Board and committee members. The President has the authority to appoint a non-Board member as the liaison with the HOA Board.

VicePresident: The Vice President shall assist the President and, in the absence of the President shall assume the duties of that office. The Vice President will be responsible for overseeing the Roadie crew, announcers and ready bench. He/she will be responsible for equipment: ramps, mats, sound, tables, tents, and purchasing, repairing issues. The Vice President will oversee storage and all equipment materials needed for a meet.

Secretary: The secretary shall prepare and issue the minutes of all meeting of the Board, and shall record such other resolutions, rules, procedures, etc. adopted by the Board. He/she shall incorporate the reports of the Treasurer and all committee chairmen into the minutes of the meeting at which presented. The Secretary is responsible for the Communications: Publicity, neighborhood communications, e-mail group lists, website, social media. The Secretary also oversees: Invitational heads, Ribbons, Record board, photographer.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds of the team and shall deposit said funds in a bank approved by the Board. He/she shall keep full and accurate accounts and shall at each meeting report the status of the team's account. The Treasurer shall pay bills as needed. With input from the Board, the Treasurer shall develop a budget for approval at or before the January meeting. The Treasurer will be responsible for the sales committees: Team Store, Concessions, Heat Sheets, and team t­ shirts, sponsorship, and fundraising. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the non-profit status of the team and is responsible for ensuring the annual tax return is prepared and filed.

League Representative: He/she shall be the primary league representative. The League Representative shall attend all Board and league meetings and act as the liaison between team and league. The League Representative must be an official. The League Representative will be responsible for the Clerk of Course, the Officials, and computer crew.

Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator shall be responsible for filling positions within the committees. Additionally, he/she will arrange the volunteer roster during all swim meets Volunteer Coordinator will also recruit leaders for key areas that entail management of large groups of people (head timer/scribe, head ready bench,head on-deck, etc).

Registrar: The Registrar shall be responsible for organizing pre and open registration events. He/she is responsible for maintaining the team roster during the season. Registrar oversees: First aid, Spirit squad, scholarships, awards, and team party.

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