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Hello Volunteer Stingray Parent,

We cannot run our swim meets without you!! The organization and execution of the Spring Cypress swim team program is a tremendous effort. We are proud of the positive committed spirit that is behind the many volunteer hours spent year-round. Without parents and family members filling positions at every swim meet, it would be impossible to run our meets. It takes numerous volunteers with great attitudes to smoothly run a meet.

Here is a quick overview of important volunteer information:

6 + 1 Shifts per family is required (if there is an issue with completing those shifts, please speak to the volunteer coordinator).  Each Stingrays family with swimmers age 14 and under is required to work a minimum of 6 shifts of volunteering at the weekly swim meets, and one shift at the year end divisional meet (if they have a child swimming in the divisional meet). 

A $300 credit card pre-authorization fee is required to ensure shifts are filled. This will ONLY be charged to the credit card (credit card that you use at registration time) at the end of the season if volunteer responsibilities are not fulfilled. 

SCST Parent Volunteers & Job Descriptions

Tent Set Up/Breakdown

In addition to your 6 shifts, we have set up and breakdown at each meet to set up the items needed including age group tents, ready benches, lane ropes, chairs, etc. It is SCST policy that Meet Set Up/Breakdown does not count as your regular volunteer position. It is an extra function in which ALL swim parents are expected to participate.

Here is the schedule by last name:


Volunteer positions

Most of these jobs are worked in two shifts on the day of a meet. The early shift starts at check-in and goes until Event 40. The second shift goes from the end of the first shift until the end of the meet. You will be able to see your child/children swim no matter the positions you chose.

Officials-Must be NWAL certified ([email protected] for more information)


The computer crew supports the Clerk of Course. They run entry reports prior to the meet, exchange them with the competing team and run the team computers during the meet. They print seed time sheets to be delivered to scribes and swimmer assignment sheets to be delivered to ready bench and officials. They enter swimmers’ official times as they are delivered by the runners. They run reports of meet results and provide them to (1) the ribbon crew for place and time improvement ribbons and (2) communications for posting on the website.


Runners distribute sheets containing heat and swimmer info to scribes, then collect completed sheets, keep them organized and deliver them to the computer team for official entry.


These individuals work as a team; timers use stopwatches to time swimmers in a given lane and report those times to the scribes who record them.  


Concessions sales are a major source of income for our team. The concessions team is responsible for delivering concessions equipment and dry-goods items from the storage unit to the meet, setting up and breaking down the concessions stand, working the stand during the meet and delivering equipment and dry goods back to the storage unit. They will work with food and money and must have patience with long lines and kids. Volunteers must be able to either arrive at the meet early to set up or stay until the end of the meet to break down. There are two sign up options within Concessions:

  • Concession Set-up (early shift – great for parents of young swimmers) and first shift sales
  • Concession Breakdown (late shift – great for parents of older or relay swimmers) and second shift sales

Ready Bench

This job is critical to get the kids in each age group organized for each heat in order and lined up ready to swim. Using the master meet program, the Ready Bench crew arranges swimmers in the proper event, heat and lane in the ready bench area. How well this job is done determines how fast paced the meet will be. A loud voice (the kind that will pump the kids up) and patience are a must.

Tent Parents/Age Group Coordinators

These volunteers manage a group of swimmers of the same gender and age group during the meet. They are responsible for; checking in swimmers; communicating absences to the Head Tent Parent; ensuring swimmers know their events; escorting swimmers to the Ready Bench in a timely and organized manner when their events are called; and assisting the Ready Bench as they seat the swimmers. They remain with swimmers in the Age Group Tents between events and ensure swimmers are picked up following the meet – a critical function because many parents are working the meets and cannot watch their swimmers in the tents.


Provides periodic restroom visits throughout the meet to ensure sanitation items such as toilet paper and hand soap are stocked and that full trash bags are replaced.

Parking/Security (Home Meets)

Ensures people are parking in the right locations and not blocking any intersections, driveways.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.

[email protected]

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