Saturday's Meet• 10 & Under @ Town Lake

10 & Under Spring Cypress at Towne Lake

We will send Remind and email notification if there are weather impacts for this meet.

**We strongly encourage that you and your swimmers begin hydrating Friday and continue to do so throughout the meet.**

You are responsible for cleaning up. Please pick up trash you have and make sure you take anything you brought form home with you! We want to keep our neighborhood and the ones we swim in as clean and neat as we found them, if not better.

Pool Address:

10000 Towne Lake Parkway, Cypress, TX 77433


Chick-Fil-A will be providing breakfast and lunch items under their tent.

Tent Setup/Breakdown

Setup: SBreakdown: M

Team Setup

We may set up our tents as indicated in yellow below.


The parking lot is available for all attendees with some reserved parking as indicated below. If the lot is full, additional parking is available on the right side as viewed heading north on Towne Lake Parkway.

Pool Layout and Traffic Pattern

Mask Information

TWNL recommends everyone wear a mask while in the pool area/ on deck

Outside the pool/ on deck area TWNL requests that you socially distance and respect other’s space in the setup areas

TWNL requests you do not enter the pool/ on deck area until your swimmer is on deck

TWNL recommends wearing a mask while in the bathroom

TWNL requests to limit bathroom occupancy to 5 people at a time

At Ready Bench TWNL will strive to keep kids socially distanced

Swimmer/Coaches Timeline

7:20 Swimmers Check In With Tent Parents

7:45 Morning Scratch Meeting With Relay Changes Due To Clerk of Course

7:45 Spring Cypress Swimmers Warm Up

8:15 Team Meeting and Cheer

8:30 am Meet Starts

Volunteer Timeline

7:00 Roadies Arrive

7:10 Volunteer Check-In

7:15 Tent Parents in Place

8:00 am Officials Meeting Poolside

8:00 am Timing/Scribe Meeting Poolside

8:30 am Meet Starts

Please contact Chris George with any questions. 281-636-6680 or email [email protected]

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