PLEASE READ: Time Trials Info!

Happy Thursday Stingrays!

Time trials are in TWO DAYS! We can’t wait to see you there. But first, a couple of very important housekeeping notes.

PARKING: We need your cooperation with parking in correct locations. Our team is fortunate that the Longwood HOA allows us to use its pool as our pool for practices and meets. As such, we need to respect the rules put forth by the subdivision and comply with state law. We have had the following specific issues:

We would also like to remind everyone that because of heavy traffic, the parking lot is one way; the end further away from Louetta is the “in,” and the end closer to Louetta is the “out.” Again, see the diagram linked above if you have questions. Parking is available on Kavanaugh Lane, Louetta and Wrightsboro. DO NOT PARK on Longwood Bend. During meets, the parking lot is reserved for officials, concessions, and computers. Thanks for your help with this!

PLAYGROUND OFF LIMITS: We know it’s tempting for the kiddos but swimmers are to stay off the playground and area around it at all times during meets. Tent parents will be providing these instructions but it certainly helps if you communicate this to them ahead of time.

MEET INFO: Now let’s get down to business. If you have any questions after reading this email, please don’t hesitate to ask any board member either via email or at the meet (we will be the ones in the lime green shirts and are available for any questions or concerns you may have throughout the day. )

Time trials are run like a dual meet and provide our coaches the swimmers’ seed times that they use to plan the line-up for our meets. It is extremely important for swimmers to get a feel for a meet and set seed times. Swimmers may not participate in an event at a dual meet if they do not have a seed time for that event.

TEAM STORE AND SHIRTS: If you purchased any spirit gear from the Team Store, those items will be available for pick up under the large covered pavilion (payments can be made by Venmo, check or cash). Team t-shirts for swimmers will also be available in the same spot. Please come and grab shirts during warm ups. These will be worn for the team picture at 8am. Try to put your swimmer’s name in the shirt to keep it from getting lost.

CONCESSIONS: Concessions will be up and running! There will be breakfast and coffee from McDonalds as well as plain glazed donuts. Breakfast is hot and even slightly less expensive than stopping off at McDonalds in the morning. In addition, there will be plenty of cold drinks and there will be pizzas from Marcos for lunch (Cheese or Pepperoni). Cash and Venmo accepted!

It is forecasted to be a toasty 93 degrees on Saturday. We strongly encourage that you and your swimmers begin hydrating Friday and continue to do so throughout the meet. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Lastly, whether at time trials, meets or practice, you are responsible for cleaning up after you and your swimmers. Please pick up any trash and make sure you take anything you brought home with you! We want to keep the pool and surrounding areas cleaner than when we got there.


**Upon arrival if you are volunteering, check in at the Volunteer table set up when you walk into the Pool area. ALL volunteers must check in at the volunteer table before the swim meet begins. Once checked in, take your swimmer to his/her designated tent and check him/her in with the Tent Parent.

Swimmer Timeline

6:45 Swimmers check in at your tents

7:00 11 and up warm up

7:15 7/8 warm up

7:30 9/10 warm up

7:45 6 and under warm up

8:00 Last warm up finishes

8:10 Team Prayer and Cheer

Volunteer Timeline

6:30 Roadies arrive / Tent Set up begins / Concessions start setup

6:40 Volunteer check-in

7:30 Officials meeting

7:45 Timers and Scribes meeting

8:00 Team Picture

8:10 Load the ready bench

8:15 National Anthem

8:30 Meet Starts

Based on the meet schedule it is scheduled to end about 12:30pm.

TENT SET UP: Swimmer’s last name beginning with F & G

TENT BREAKDOWN: Swimmer’s last name beginning with K & L

Below is some information that you will need for time trials:

ALL PARENTS: Please make sure your swimmer knows who their tent parent is before you leave them and that they know not to leave without their tent parent knowing. Once your swimmer is finished for the day, please do not leave without checking out with your child’s tent parent.

ROADIES: Arrive at 6:30 am. Parents will be there to help set up tents at 6:30.

TENT PARENTS: Please see Lauren Briker upon checking in. Report to your tent no later than 6:45. Lauren will give you a clipboard with your age group swimmer list and a sharpie. Please check that all swimmers are accounted for and notify Lauren if anyone is missing. Mark each swimmer using the sharpie for their individual swimming events. When an event for your age group is called, you will need to make sure all swimmers make it to the ready bench. Be ready to receive them at the end of their event and walk them back to the tent.

OFFICIALS: Please report to Bryce Elliott

TIMERS & SCRIBES: Meet by the Ready Benches at 7:45. We understand that it is human nature to want to assist a swimmer who is struggling to exit the pool; however, due to liability issues, we must never do so. We should instruct swimmers who are struggling to move along the edge of the pool to the shallow area to exit.

COMPUTERS: Report to the main pool entrance after getting yourself and your swimmer checked in.

CONCESSIONS: Report to the concessions stand after getting yourself and your swimmer checked in.

READY BENCH: When you hear the announcement for Timers/Scribes, please report to the ready bench area.

*Reminder: the kiddie pool and the shallow semi-circle of the main pool are off limits to everyone during practice and meets.**

Please contact Susan Knight with any questions or if you’re unable to fulfill your volunteer shift. 832-754-1477 or [email protected]

Must Haves for the Meet:

Suit, cap, goggles (bring an extra pair in case first pair gets broken or lost), towel, team shirt (put swimmer’s name in the shirt when you pick it up), healthy snacks, water, sunscreen (wait to apply until after race numbers have been put on your swimmer by the tent parent)

Suggested Brings:

Sports drink (Gatorade Zero is good, but you must also bring water; swimmers need to drink BOTH), games, book, blanket, playing cards, other forms of entertainment that encourages them to be with teammates. Bring a chair for your swimmer to sit under their designated tent.

Morning of the Meet:

Eat a nice light, but healthy breakfast. Fruit, toast with jam, water, juice, lean meats like ham, eggs. Stay away from milk due to swimmer nerves.

And last of all, get some rest! See you all bright and early Saturday! Let’s do this!

See attached for the meet's Heat & Psych Sheets.

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