Happy Thursday Stingrays!

This Saturday is Divisionals where we will swim against the other 5 teams in our Division.

PLACE:  Gleannloch Farms Pool

19828 Gleannbury Point

Spring, TX 77379

PARKING:  Remote Parking lot behind Klein Fire Department Station 8

6900 Crescent Clover Dr.

Spring, TX 77379

TIME:          Pool Opens @ 6:30 am

Meet Begins @ 8:30 am

Please take note of the parking and set-up maps attached to this email. There is NO parking in the lot by the pool; all of those spots will be reserved. There will be two buses and a van running between the remote parking lot (see address above) and the pool from 6:30 - 9:00 am. The shuttles are free but tips will be appreciated. There will be a drop-off point at the entrance to the pool area to allow for dropping swimmers, gear, and any spectators. Follow the one-way signs. The remote parking lot is located approximately 0.5 miles from the pool area.


The Stingrays swimmer tents will be set-up on the far side of the sand volleyball court from where we were at the dual meet earlier in the season. The location is included in the map attached (SCST).

**The weather forecast has us in the TRIPLE DIGITS this weekend! Please be mindful of this for you and your swimmer. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Start now and continue throughout the day Saturday. And of course don’t forget the sunscreen.**

You are responsible for cleaning up. Please pick up trash you have and make sure you take anything you brought from home with you!

If you are not going to make a meet or have a sick swimmer, please email Coach Emily ([email protected]) or use the REMIND app to send her a message.


We need our Stingray Families to step up this Saturday and help us make the Divisionals meet a successful one! We require every family that has a swimmer at Divisionals to fill a volunteer shift. Our meets cannot run without volunteers so please consider signing up if able. Contact Susan Knight at [email protected] if you can fill any of these positions.

7/8 Boys Tent 2nd Shift (2)

7/8 Girls Tent 2nd Shift (2)

9/10 Boys Tent 2nd Shift (2)

9/10 Girls Tent 2nd Shift (2)

Ready Bench 3rd Shift (#57-86) (2)

Roadies 2nd Shift (3)

Safety Marshal 2nd Shift (#31-56) (1)


Families assigned to Set Up and Break Down by last name will need to check in with Janelle Chandler at the trailer on Saturday before the meet when set up begins and after the meet when breakdown begins.

Set Up:Ma - Me

Breakdown: Mi - Mu


Swimmer Timeline

6:45 Swimmers check-in at your tents

7:00 Stingray warm ups (lanes 4-6)

  1. 9/10
  2. 11 & up
  3. 7/8
  4. 6 & under

7:30 Stingrays warm up ends

8:15 Team Prayer and Cheer

Volunteer Timeline

6:15 Roadies arrive / Tent Set up begins

6:40 Volunteer check-in

7:30 Officials meeting

7:50 Ready bench volunteers meeting

8:00 Coaches meeting by the ready bench

8:10 Timers and Scribes meeting

8:30 Meet starts

Volunteers: We have been given colored wristbands for each of the 3 shifts. These wristbands will be given out to our Ready Bench, Computer, Runner, Safety Marshals, Timers, Scribes at our Volunteer Check in table.

Please note the Timers and Scribes Dos and Don’ts that we have been asked to share with our Timers and Scribes.

Timer and Scribes

Do’s and Don’ts

1. Verify Swimmer Name. Have the swimmer tell you their name. Don't ask if they

are bob smith. They will say yes because they are not really listening.

2. All Timers and Scribes for ALL Shifts Must attend Timer and Scribes Meeting. When

replacement comes to relieve you make sure to verify time order and how to use timer.

3. Don't press any buttons on the Dolphin Timer except for the Black side button to stop

the watch when swimmer touches the wall. DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTON


4. Do not stop the watch or press any buttons when there is NO swimmer in the lane.

5. Scribes are to record times in order of: Watch A, Watch B, Watch C, Manual Watch

on lane/timer sheets. Whoever has the Watch C also has the Manual Watch. Dolphin

Timers start on their own with the start of the heat. Manual Watches will be started by

#3 Timer (Watch C)

6. Do not turn off the Dolphin Timer

7. Look at each dolphin watch and manual watch to make sure each starts on every

race with the starter. If there is ANY problem with the Dolphin or Manual watch flag

down the Head Timer, even if it’s in the middle of a race!!

8. Give scribes the times immediately after stopping the watch. Pay attention. Lean

over the edge of the pool to get the most accurate time. When you here the whistle, be


9. Timers/Scribes do not "adjust" the time they give the scribe because it was stopped

early or late and didn't match other times. Write the time from the watches as shown.

10. Don't yank the swimmer out of the pool, let them get out on their own. We don't

need any dislocated shoulders.


Concessions sales will begin at 7:00am and continue throughout the meet (see menu attached). We will also be providing pizzas for the swimmers. Due to the number of people on Saturday, it would also be a good idea to bring your own snacks/food due to possible long lines and limited food.

Let's finish off the season strong Stingrays! As always, feel free to reach out to the Board ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

See you at the pool!

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