Open Volunteer Positions & Fleet Head Start Information

Good afternoon, Stingrays! 

We are in need of volunteers for the upcoming season. Current open positions: 

  • Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Head Tent.
  • Concessions (this will be split into two different positions) 
  1. Purchase food items for the meet and deliver them.
  2. Run the concessions the day of the meet.

If anyone is interested in any of these positions, please email us at [email protected]

FLEET Head Start 2023 

The FLEET Head Start Clinics provide swimmers with an opportunity to train under the guidance of top ranked Texas coaches with an emphasis on specific stroke technique and endurance to give your swimmer the competitive edge this summer league season! Each weekend session will focus on every aspect of one particular stroke including drills and exercises to improve not only the stroke, but also proper starts and emphasizing legal turns and finishes as well. Participating swimmers will receive a FLEET swim cap with each clinic. Each weekend stroke clinic is 90 minutes long and cost $100 per clinic, per swimmer; 10% sibling discount. 

Freestyle & Backstroke Eligibility: Swimmers must be at least 6 years old and be legal in both strokes. 

Breaststroke & Butterfly Eligibility: Swimmers must be at least 7, proficient in both freestyle & backstroke and be familiar with butterfly & breaststroke. 

See below for dates!! (no clinic will be offered Feb 18-19th due to a swim meet)


Freestyle Clinic ($100 per clinic) 

Jan 28-29th Mar 11-13th 

Backstroke Clinic ($100 per clinic) 

Feb 4-5th Mar 18-19th 

Breaststroke Clinic ($100 per clinic) 

Feb 11-12th Mar 25-26th 

Butterfly Clinic ($100 per clinic) 

Feb 25-26th Apr 1-2nd 


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